About Madam Ashley

Ashley is a gifted energy worker and psychic reader.

At her office in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as through FaceTime, she offers Psychic Readings and Tarot Card Readings.

Ashley is a third-generation psychic and intercessor for the afterlife. She offers guidance on a variety of topics, but her area of expertise is in love and relationships. For more than 20 years, she has been assisting people in finding lives filled with love, success, peace, and happiness.
As a result, It’s her goal to make sure her gift is a constructive factor on this planet. She, therefore, thinks that responsibility and the duty to provide the finest care possible for everyone who seeks her assistance go hand in hand with her exceptional gift. She has therefore devoted her life to using her psychic ability to assist others.

Ashley has a strong belief in God and sees her unusual talent as a gift from the supernatural, yet she never forces her personal spiritual ideas on others. This is why Ashley’s positive energy work is so potent because she does not use voodoo, black magic, Santeria, or any other dark form of energy work.