At her office in Las Vegas as well as over the phone, she offers Psychic and Tarot Card Readings and helps answer the questions one has within.

Reach out via call, email, or even a visit. And let Madam Ashley help you.

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    Meet Madam Ashley

    Ashley is a gifted energy worker and psychic reader.


    Ashley believes she is responsible for how she uses her gift. She aspires for her psychic counseling and energy work to have a beneficial impact on both the globe and the lives of those who seek her assistance.


    She is clairvoyant and empathically psychic, thus she can perceive your life’s events in the past, present, and future.

    Special Interest

    She offers guidance on a wide range of topics, but she is particularly interested in relationships since, as she has seen, it is our relationships with others—particularly our love relationships—that can bring us the most happiness or suffering.

    A Note From

    You were born entitled to Peace, Happiness & Love. These are parts of your birthright from our creator. I look forward to helping you claim your birthright.

    ~ Sincerely Ashley.